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5 Steps to Setting Up Contact Centre Agent Remote Working with Messaging

5 Steps to Setup Agent Remote Working with Messaging

In these fast moving and uncertain times, many businesses are facing challenges and in particular contact centres and businesses that have the need to engage with customers and facilitate their regular customer conversations.

The focus has shifted fast from dialler activity and agents working onsite to giving agents the ability to work from home.  For many businesses this is not a challenge.  In Webio, we all have laptops and the capability to work remotely  from any location with no impact on productivity, operations, customer service or support when needed.  I would argue that our remote working model has given us the edge and the ability to provide amazing support levels as we can truly be 24/7.

In this current environment, we have been asked to assist many contact centres to enable their agents to manage customer conversations over messaging remotely.  And It’s not as complicated as you may think.  Within 2 to 3 days. Webio’s mobile digital conversations over WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, etc can replace a significant amount of dialler activity and give agents the ability to manage as many as 16  customer conversations due to the asynchronous nature of messaging. 

So, what is involved in getting remote agents set up and engaging with customers over to messaging?
Here are the 5 set-up steps needed:

1. The Essentials
Internet connectivity and PC are essential.   Whilst this may sound obvious, you’d be surprised by the number of people that don’t have a laptop or access to PC at home. The internet connection doesn’t need to super-fast and a very basic connection will suffice as the amount of data transferred is minimal.  

2. Compliance Approval
Getting your provider approved as a supplier is the next step as they will be handling customer data and security of data is key. Webio is ISO27001 accredited and can work with DPOs or compliance teams to expedite this process. We have already created several documents that will be needed as part of this process.

3. Application Requirements and Implementation
We have vast experience in this area and have designed an easy to follow process to go from no remote conversations today to being fully operational remotely within 3 days. We can share the step by step guide and the requirements from your side to make this move to be as seamless as possible.

4. Training and Go-Live Fully Supported 
Getting the team up to full speed as quickly as possible requires training. From agents, supervisors and administrators the need to have consistent and reliable support to make this transition as smooth as possible is the key to success.  Webio train all users to their required level and have a dedicated support team to provide support and guidance where needed. This has proved to be very effective in going-live quickly and with minimum fuss.

As this is a departure from how things are usually done, there will be undoubtedly a few issues, as we have seen, but we've been there to assist at every step to make sure everything goes to plan. So we know it can be done.

5. Automation, Agent Monitoring/Mentoring and Reports
Information is key to making this work, you will need to be able to manage customer conversations that are currently happening remotely.  So, this section is particularly focused on manager levels and is designed to give access to the management information needed and training on how best to use the system and reports. In addition, those who have moved to a remote agent working model have decided to add automation to their customer conversations to enable agents to be even more productive than before.

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