Webio's Digital Debt Collection Technology Make the CCS Award Finals

We are delighted that we have made the finals with our esteemed customer, Snap Finance. We have made the final 6 in the 'Best Use of Technology' category, where our digital debt collection technology,  which is grounded in conversational AI  is being recognised.  


Webio brings Conversational AI to Phoebus Software Clients

Phoebus Software Limited (PSL) has selected the Webio team as its partner to supply multi-channel customer communication for PSL’s clients. This partnership is the latest addition to the Phoebus Ecosystem Programme that pulls together best of breed suppliers across a range of non-core Phoebus services.


Customer Engagement at the Online Collections Technology Think Tank

Mark Oppermann will be participating in the Customer Engagement session at the Online Collections Technology Think Tank, which will look at the importance of getting your company’s messaging and communications strategy right will be of key importance as we enter, what could be, a fragile economic climate for consumers.


Webio Conversational Technology Powers Innovation Award Finalist at CSA Awards

Oplo is shortlisted in the Innovations category for adopting new and fresher approaches to engaging with customers, especially during the pandemic. A key component was the introduction of conversational messaging technology to managed inbound and outbound customer engagement.


Webio Launches AI Propensity Studio for Digital Debt Collections

New AI-powered credit and collections offering from Webio optimises customer engagement using AI and automation and enables companies to manage digital debt collection conversations like never before. Propensity Studio is the company’s latest digital debt collection offering.

Image of AI brain with Webio blue on one half and Finch orange on the other

Webio’s Conversational AI gets a boost with Finch Capital Investment

Webio has announced that it has closed a Pre-Series A funding round led by Finch Capital. Webio, which includes Enterprise Ireland and EIT Digital amongst its backers, says the funding will go straight into deepening Webio’s capabilities in conversational AI, doubling the company’s R&D team, and expanding the sales and customer success teams to address the market demand. 


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