Webio InsightsDriving Success with Reporting and Analytics

Access all data from macro to micro level; from overall performance to individual agents

Monitor - Evaluate - Improve


See All Your
Data At A Glance

Personalised dashboards to see all the messaging activity at once, both big-picture views and in detail


Uncover Patterns &
Trends With Analytics

Track KPIs and evaluate reasons behind agents’ and bots' successful or weak performances


Actionable Insights
For Decision-Makers

Pull useful and applicable data for improving operational efficiency and lowering costs

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Conversation Intelligence
at Your Fingertips

Combine metrics and KPIs in one, or more, visually understandable dashboard.

Monitor campaigns, message status, agent activity and more, and extract meaningful data to help make data-driven decisions to improve conversation and business outcomes.

analytics widgets
propensities and intents

Extract Reports
with Filters

Powerful filters allow you to access the information you need, such as filtering by: Customer ID, Campaign or Agent.

Or filter by the many Propensity labels e.g:
Account Enquiry, Potential Payment or Health Vulnerability.

Drill-Down into Detailed
Secondary Dashboards

An example of a secondary level dashboard is the Agent Activity Dashboard which gives data on Avg Answer Time by Agent; Messages Sent by Agent; Time Spent Logged in by Agent; Agent Messages per Conversations...and more...

analytics reports dashboard
Chatbots identifying empathetic vulnerabilities in conversations

Stay in the Loop With
With Pulse Notifications

Never Miss Important Activity

Pulse is Webio’s notification system that keeps you on top of your top KPIs across all dashboards. Alerts can be sent to email, mobile, Slack or through Zapier.

Unpack Underlying Data
For Continuous Improvement

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Conversation Transcripts:
A Rich Resource

Review transcripts for quality control and learning, and keep records for a clear audit trail

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Reconcile & Analyse
Messaging Performance

View by date range a summary of messaging activity across channels in a single Reconciliation report

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Failed Messages

Track deliverability stats and understand the 'why' behind messages failures

Stay Compliant

Everything is visible and auditable.

Every action taken by agents and chatbots is recorded to provide transparency throughout.

This is not only useful for monitoring performance, but it keeps businesses on the right side of the applicable regulations.

Webio’s chatbots are under the control of the designers and will not go rogue and fabricate responses. All the conversational responses are strictly assessed before they are deployed.

Agents automating customer journeys

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Increase in Customer Engagement


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