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4 AI Conversations Every Company Needs to be Having

As consumers, we’ve widely welcomed artificial intelligence and machine learning into our daily lives. “Smart” speakers, facial recognition on our phones, targeted ads we love to hate — these are just some of the AI-powered technologies all around us. But inside companies, the status of adoption is more of a mixed bag.


The Dos and Don’ts of Automated Assistants in the Contact Centre

When using automated assistants, it’s extremely important to create rules that decide when a query needs to be handed off to a live advisor. There are many situations where this can prove critical. For instance, when automated assistants are dealing with overly complex queries that only a live advisor would be able to manage. More...


AI helps chatbots to get better at customer conversations

In his article in the Irish Times, Seán Duke talks to leading thinkers and innovators in the conversational AI space and where it is going with AI chatbots, the pitfalls the opportunities and how design is of the utmost importance. 


How Conversational AI Works and What It Does

Conversational AI, which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Advanced Dialog management, and Machine Learning (ML), are likely to pass the Turing Test and provide a more realistic experience than traditional chatbots. Most of us have had interactions on websites with chatbots that were less than satisfactory, leaving us to resolve our issues some other way.


Conversational AI is mainstream

As businesses embrace real-world applications of AI-based chatbots and voice-powered assistants, investments and acquisition action in the space are growing year on year


Conversational AI Trends to Keep an Eye On

With more and more evolution, Conversational AI is advancing at a great pace and making it possible for machines to interact with humans via natural language.  Here are some of the Conversational AI trends that Ajay Kapoor covered in a recent article on Artificial Intelligence in Plain English.


Digital Accessibility Enters The Spotlight As A Business Priority

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, in many cases making digital the only channel through which customers could interact with brands, Forrester saw a significant uptick in inquiries related to accessibility, mostly from companies getting serious about accessibility for the first time. The pandemic served as a wake-up call not just about the importance of digital accessibility but about its benefits, like:


Why 2021 is going to be an important year for the AI debate

Our very own Cormac O'Neill, spoke with Ian Curran from the Journal,ie to discuss AI and just how important it will be not only in 2021, from the hype around AI and confusing basic automation to applying deeper AI.


VoiceAI News Stories from the First Half of 2022

In Episode 261 of the Voicebot Podcast with Bret Kinsella takes a step back to review the top stories of the past six months in Voice AI. Long-time notable industry leaders Sarah Andrew Wilson, former CCO at before Volley acquisition and Paul Sweeney, head of product at Webio, join Eric Schwartz and Bret Kinsella in discussing topics ranging from Amazon’s new Astro Robot operating in the real world to new enterprise applications for voice.


Webio's $4m Funding Announcement Letter to Customers

I’m very excited to be able to share with you the great news that Webio has raised $4 million in funding from Finch Capital. We’re on a mission to reimage the way credit conversations take place by making those difficult customer conversations about payments that little bit easier. Thanks to this investment we are now set to take the next step on our journey. 

Illustration of clock with speech bubble, cloud, arrow and Webio chatbot on the outside

Sending Outbound Webio Messaging Campaigns:
What You Should Know?

For years, proactively engaging with customers was a time-consuming activity but now with the introduction of customer engagement platforms, preparing outbound campaigns is more efficient. Getting organised to send outbound messages seems like it should be a simple drag and drop action. It is just a big list, right? But it turns out that it is a bit more complicated.

Webio chatbot with automation cogs in the background surrounded by icons representing chatbot and automation

Automation and Customer Engagement: Why it Works for Contact Centres

Collections agencies and contact centres that choose to automate their customer engagement efforts with chatbots and AI-enhanced messaging are consistently experiencing higher levels of customer engagement, increased customer satisfaction scores, and happier employees.

Webio chatbot with automation cogs in the background surrounded by icons representing chatbot and automation

Why Chatbots and Automation Work for Debt Collection

Bank systems will automate up to 90% of customer interactions using chatbots by the end of 2022. And the popularity of chatbots has trickled down to the collections industry as well. Here are the three main reasons that chatbots and automation work well for debt collection.

Illustration with hand holding pound coin and a check mark that represents affordability assessement

Automating Digital Conversations in Affordability Assessments

Think about this time 4 years ago, if you read the words “Automation” in the same sentence as “Affordability Assessments” you would wonder about what crazy future worlds the article is referencing. Affordability assessments in days gone by were mostly conducted over a phone conversation that took at least 5 – 10 mins and more typically something approaching 20 minutes plus.  Oh, how times have changed.

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Digital Debt Collection: The Real Numbers and Why They’re So Important

As far back as 2019 customers who are in debt were making themselves heard and the message according to a McKinsey & Company report was crystal clear that “more customer calling won’t improve lenders’ contact and recovery rates”, and that something was going to have to change.


How Collections Can Prepare for a Post-Pandemic Debt Storm

In this final post of our 3-part series, we’ll talk about the future of debt collection and how the industry can prepare for an inevitable post-pandemic debt storm. In order to survive, organizations will need to focus on three key things: preparation, implementing new technology and embracing change.


APIs and Debt Collection Conversations What You Need to Know

Some businesses look to use APIs because they want to expand their reach to new customers, others are motivated by government and industry standards, and others just want to ensure that their business is continuing on its digital journey. Regardless, APIs are coming to every industry and you need to be prepared. But for many, the idea of using APIs in customer conversations can be intimidating with many unanswered questions.


What Technical Leaders in
Credit and Collections Need to know about Conversational Technology

If you are keen to get a better understanding of how AI and Machine Learning in debt collection works then this session is for you. Not full of jargon, we will take a practical approach to explain how it works and what is possible. Sign up or listen on-demand.


Debt Collection
Deep Dive Session 3:
Predicting Conversation Outcomes with AI and Machine Learning

If you are keen to get a better understanding of how AI and Machine Learning in debt collection works then this session is for you. Not full of jargon, we will take a practical approach to explain how it works and what is possible. Sign up or listen on-demand.

Debt Collection and Customer Engagement: Deep Dive Series

Debt Collection and Customer Engagement Deep Dive Series

This debt collection customer engagement series of webinars will delve into the key areas of customer engagement in this digital age. We have moved on from traditional channels of diallers and phone calls to messaging, digital assistants, automation, AI and APIs.


Debt Collection
Deep Dive Session 2:
Digital Channels and Blended Engagement

In this 35-minute session, we will examine which digital channels are working best for debt collection and how to maximise both chatbot and agent engagement to get the right result for the customer and the business.


Digital Customer Engagement in Utilities Q&A

Interview with Robert Upton-Moir from Skewb about helping Utilities overcome their customer engagement challenges and how digital is playing a key role


Debt Collection
The Deep Dive Sessions: Automation and Customer Engagement

In this debt collection webinar series, we are going to unpack automation and its impact on customer engagement, productivity and conversation outcomes. 100% automation should never be the goal, but rather automation with human touch should be at the heart of any digital debt collection customer engagement strategy.


Debt Collection: Top 10 things you need to know in 2022

With “so much to do and so little time” we are going to in this 40-minute webinar show you the10 key elements that will have a significant impact on the rapidly evolving debt collection landscape, how they work and what impact they can deliver you and your business.


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