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Why 2021 is going to be an important year for the AI debate

Our very own Cormac O'Neill, spoke with Ian Curran from the Journal,ie to discuss AI and just how important it will be not only in 2021, from the hype around AI and confusing basic automation to applying deeper AI.

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It’s Finally Time for Frictionless Financial CX

It turns out the coronavirus pandemic is also a time machine. Instead of a lengthy march to digital transformation, the pandemic condensed years of change into a few months. For financial institutions, what was a slow shift toward mobile banking, contactless transactions, and digital insurance sped up when COVID-19 reinforced the need for fast, secure, and remote access to funds and financial information. As financial leaders plan their next move, we've identified key customer experience trends and best practices that will help companies earn customer loyalty today and in the future.


A three-step formula for trust in the Age of AI

The post pandemic world will be a dramatically different place, with more people working from home and shopping online than ever before due to COVID-19. As a result, we are living in an increasingly digital world. There is no turning back with at least 500 million tweets, 294 billion emails and 65 billion messages on WhatsApp being sent around the world every single day.[i]


AI Improves Customer Experience and Contact Center Efficiency

Customers and employees can benefit from the use of AI in contact centers. Businesses can use AI to provide customer self-service options and help make agents more productive.


Pandemic paving the way for the omni-digital customer: B2B and B2C must prepare

Recent months have seen a huge rise in expectations for digital-only customer experiences - and the trend seems likely to continue.


95% of customer journeys now occur across multiple channels

Customers use a growing number of different channels during their purchase process. But bricks and mortar remains important. As if there were any doubts about the importance of offering your products and services across different channels, a new study says that 95% of consumers now rely on it.


Chatbots Are Machine Learning Their Way To Human Language

To deal with so much change, an effective chatbot must be rooted in advanced Machine Learning, since it needs to constantly retrain itself based on real-time information.

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Five trends shaping the future of the fintech industry

As the Fintech world is undergoing a radical reformation, here is a list of 5 key trends that is likely to shape the upcoming future of fintech industry


How to Introduce AI Chatbots and Keep Your Agents Happy

When introducing new technology into the business, how do you go about successfully deploying AI Chatbots and bringing agents along the journey with you as opposed to having them be an afterthought and dragging them along? This posts gives some tips on removing the fear factor and getting a win-win for your agents and the business.

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Designing Difficult Digital Debt Collection Conversations

As more and more businesses jump aboard the ‘conversational train’ the need to have an understanding of how to design a chatbot and what it entails is growing. Chatbot design and how you build a bot really matters, and the success of any campaign or customer outreach hinges on it. Especially in digital debt collections. Get the tempo and tone of your chatbot conversations right and those really difficult payment conversations become less hard to have.

Four ancient pillars

The Four Pillars of Technical Executive Leadership

How can you keep up the momentum of your project, the technology behind it, and your technical team, whilst bringing things in on time and on budget? Your strategy will keep these concerns at bay which you can build using the four pillars of executive leadership. The Four Pillars are how you build a successful technical strategy. 

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Digital Debt Collection: Why Use It in Your Business

As customers continue to turn to digital channels it is vital for the debt collection process to be in sync with evolving trends. Businesses that modernise their collections capabilities to scale and become more effective and efficient in their collections processes; will streamline their collection processes and ensure they stay compliant while enhancing customer satisfaction, customer experience and significantly increasing recoveries, and containing costs.

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Change is the Only Constant: It’s All About Moving Forward

We are hearing a lot about the role that Open Banking and role AI will play in customer engagement within the credit, collections, and payments eco-system. While here at Webio we are actively deploying both of these into our product. So, what I want to do is give you an insight into three different themes that we are exploring at Webio as part of our longer-term strategy.


Live Demo See the Webio Customer Engagement Platform in Action

If you want to learn more about conversational messaging, automation, and AI then join our live demo every Wednesday at 3pm. Ask a question, or just listen and learn, it will be 30 minutes well spent!

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WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp Business API: Which Is Right For Your Business?

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is a channel that all businesses should be adding to their channel mix.  Before you jump into signing up there are some key points that you need to know.  There isn’t just one WhatsApp Business account, there are a couple of options depending on the size of your business and what you want to achieve.


Getting Customers Back into the Repayment Habit

In the world of collections, getting customers back into a repayment habit quickly is becoming the number one objective for most credit and collection teams, and given the sheer volume of customer conversations that must be undertaken, communicating with customers about their payments is now presenting as a significant challenge.


Demystifying Automation in Digital Debt Collection

In this webinar, we will focus on showing how and where automation, chatbots, and messaging strategies are delivering success in debt collections. Part of introducing any new technology is to know what’s possible and what best practice looks like; knowing what parts of the customer journey to automate, when to blend agents and chatbots, what processes should be automated, and which ones should not.


Digital Transformation has Become Instant Transformation in Debt Collections

There's no doubt that digital transformation is a hot topic. 2020 saw that struggle overcome and for many the digital transformation they were longing for took place in an instant. None more so than in the area of credit and collections.

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Oplo Interview on Supercharging Customer Collections with Automation & AI

In this session, we will talk with Richard Sharp, Managing Director - Consumer Division with Oplo about their experiences of adding conversational messaging, increasing customer engagement, improving collections processes, reducing operational costs, and developing better relationships with their customers. This is a must if you are unsure of what chatbots, automation, and AI can do. Hear how it works, how to set it up, and what successes to expect.


WhatsApp is 5 Times More Effective at Generating Inbound Customer Engagement

It is official, WhatsApp is an extremely effective channel in driving inbound customer engagement regardless of the industry you are in.    Since its recent launch WhatsApp Business has seen exponential growth, with growth with reported growth rates of 20% month-on-month (that’s over 700% annually!). This webinar will look the benefits of adding WhatsApp channel and what increases in customer engagement and agent productivity you can expect.

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Transforming Customer Engagement in Debt Collections with Snap Finance

In this webinar, Snap Finance's Jonathan Booker joins us to discuss his experience with 'going digital' and moving from outbound diallers and inbound calls to conversational SMS - chatbots, automation and AI. Listen to Jon, talk about how he implemented this conversational technology, his agents and how they fit into the picture and how to get the balance right between automation and live agent engagement.


The 1,2,3's of Customer Engagement Automation - Messaging, Bots and Agents [Webinar ]

The ability to capitalise on all that customer engagement automation has to offer has never been more important - from better management of customer conversations, taking pressure off agents and the business, to ensuring that customers feel confident in the support and service the business can deliver.

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The dialler has long been the stalwart of the contact centre. However, times have changed, and the effectiveness of diallers on their own is being called into question. Customers are living in the digital world and are so in tune with their mobile devices, In this webinar we will be reviewing how conversational messaging and dialler compares when it comes to reaching out and connecting with customers and get the best use of your agents time and how they can work perfectly together.

How to Bring Automation into the Collections Process and What Success to Expect

How to Bring Automation into the Collections Process and What Success to Expect

Automation in collections is fast becoming the new norm with many collections organisations already embracing it as part of their customer contact processes. In this webinar, we will look at what automation looks like in a collection’s environment from the very basics to more complex elements. From simple proactive outreach to managing customer responses through automation or a live agent.


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