What is an AI Co-Pilot in Contact Centres?

AI co-pilots are also called digital assistants or virtual assistants

What is an AI co-pilot?

AI co-pilots are advanced AI tools that work alongside humans to help them do their work better, such as analysing figures for a report, or helping them to complete everyday tasks.

AI co-pilots in call centres

AI in call centres are used as co-pilots to help human agents provide better and more data-rich customer service. These AI systems use advanced algorithms, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to understand human language and analyse data, and then in turn offer real-time assistance. 

Digital assistants like these often come in the form of conversational AI chatbots that are carefully trained to deal with customers in the particular industry they operate in. On the frontline, they take care of routine tasks, such as basic queries and ID&V, before they hand over to an agent - but only if necessary, as AI chatbots can automate 75% of customer interactions.

AI co-pilots are virtual assistants and are there to help agents, not replace them. They work together with the agents to improve their skills and deliver on-hand and useful data that is drawn from backend systems via an API connection. Using their foundational AI tech, co-pilots process large amounts of data and learn from patterns, and then take that learning to offer actionable insights and guidance to their human collaborators. This way, they improve an agent's decision-making, increase their efficiency, and ramp up their overall performance in more taxing tasks.

Here's how AI co-pilots typically work in contact centres, they:

  • Monitor real-time customer conversations to understand context, pick out entities (such as dates and numbers), read customer intent and gauge customer sentiment. For example, are they feeling vulnerable, anxious or frustrated?
  • Offer response options for agents within the context of the conversation.
  • Provide quick and accurate customer and business data to help solve the query.
  • Are always learning and improving as data from real conversations is fed back into the system.
  • Help agents solve queries faster, reduce wait times, handle more conversations simultaneously, and in the end, the customes are happier.
  • Have compliance rules and regulations encoded into the system which keeps agents secure that they are adhering to the rules.


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