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Debt Collection Software

AI and automation for credit and collections

Debt Collection Software

Use AI & Automation to Make Financial Conversations Easy


Greater Efficiency with AI

Manage collections campaigns with 80% fewer resources and have agents focus on higher-value conversations


More Satisfied Customers

Embrace digital engagement and self-service to create customer journeys that work for customers


Improved Collection Rates

Remove friction and make it easier for customers to manage their debt and the business to collect

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AI that Speaks the Language of Credit and Collections

Why Webio built a custom language model (CLM) for collections

Webio leads the way in conversational AI with its specialised CLM created for the nuanced field of credit and collections. With this CLM, Webio manages the delicate balance between customer service and debt recovery, ensuring a respectful, effective and compliant interaction with customers.

The AI technology built by Webio is founded on Entity Extraction (pieces of data, e.g dates and postcodes), Intent Recognition (understanding what customers are saying or want to do) and Propensity Guidance (knowing the most likely outcome and routing accordingly). These are used together to conduct a meaningful conversation with customers and to resolve their queries quickly and effectively.

Learn How Webio's AI & Automation Works
Let AI Guide Conversations and Get Results
Let Automation Do the Heavy Lifting

Let AI and Automation Do the Heavy Lifting

The perfect blend of AI and Agents for better results

Have fewer agents but more conversations as Webio's AI chatbots s consistently automate over 75% of customer conversations via multiple digital channels while leaving live agents to focus on more complicated conversations.

Smart tools and scheduling reduce the amount of time and resources need to manage campaigns.

Agents love it, customers love it, the business loves it.

More About Agent Interface for AI Engagement

Empower Customers with Self-Service and AI-Guided Transactions

Webio’s Self-Service Studio

Self-Service Studio is a portal where customers can manage their debt themselves with the guidance of conversational AI. Customers can check their accounts, make payments, set up payment plans and provide promises-to-pay.

Conversational Forms

Allow customers to fill in forms from within the digital conversation. Forms such as Income & Expenditure forms can quickly be taken care of and the data used immediately to handle the query.

More About Self-Service Studio
Facilitates warmer relationships with customers

Detect vulnerability early to best help customers

Digital engagement facilitates warmer relationships with customers

Webio's intent recognition spots signs of customer vulnerability and then guides the customer down the best route to help them resolve their issue.

Furthermore, conversational AI for customer engagement eliminates the pressure on customers to talk with agents live on the phone, giving them more control, which results in quicker and more considered responses.

Deliver Better Customer Engagement and Collections Metrics

Improving RPC rates, reducing cost per £ collected, and reigniting conversations with 'unresponsive' DCA closed customers are just some of the metrics that AI-assisted customer engagement positively impact.

Using digital channels reduces inbound calls by 60%

Customers appreciate messaging channels such as webchat and WhatsApp for their convenience and flexibility without the awkwardness of speaking to a person about sensitive issues like debt.

Conversational AI Success Stories
Deliver Better Customer Engagement and Collections Metrics

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Experience the wonder of Conversational AI for Customer Engagement

If you need to improve your customer engagement, talk to us and we'll show you how AI and automation via digital messaging channels work.

You will love the Webio experience.

We promise.



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Find out how Webio's AI and automation in customer engagement positively impacts inbound and outbound customer engagement in your business.


Uplift in Payment Arrangements
Increase in Agent Productivity
Decrease in Operational Costs
Increase in Customer Engagement


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