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AI Chatbots

Automating natural language customer engagement

AI chatbots

AI at Work


Engage in Human-Like Conversations

An AI chatbot is designed to simulate natural language conversations with human users over digital channels using both voice and text messaging.


Automate Customer Engagement

Live agents will only be needed for complex issues and AI chatbots can handle all other customer interactions with ease and at scale.


Adaptable, Always-Learning AI Technology

Using Machine Learning, AI chatbots continually grow in understanding, putting them in a different league to simple rules-based bots, and allows them to personalise a conversation.

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How AI chatbots work

AI chatbots use Natural Language Understanding and Machine Learning algorithms to understand what a user is saying and then in turn generate meaningful responses as part of a two-way dialogue.

They analyse input from the user and then look for patterns to formulate a response, which allows them to converse independently of human help. This is combined with sentiment analysis to gain a full understanding of what a person is communicating.

See here to learn more about how AI chatbots work.

how AI chatbots work
AI chatbots sentiment analysis

Going deeper with intent recognition

Since AI chatbots are always learning, they grow in their understanding of how humans communicate. The algorithms develop to allow the bots to pick up the intent of the words within a context, and then go further to understand the sentiment of the person speaking and what they are really saying.

This is useful, for example, in debt collection when you need to know if a customer is in a vulnerable state, and a propensity engine can predict the outcome of a conversation and direct it down the best route.


Added power with entity gathering and live-data connections

A user can reply in a conversational way, using any format, and the AI chatbot can be taught to pick out entities from the flow of text, e.g. a date-of-birth, date, or amount. This information is then stored in real-time via an API connection into a database.

Example: “I was born on 5 January in 1985. I think I can pay by the end of this week about thirty-four pounds or so.” The AI system picks out: “05/01/1985” as the D.O.B; “06/01/2023” for payment date and “£34.00” for amount.

entity gathering with AI chatbots
AI chatbots vs conversational AI

Are chatbots and conversational AI the same thing?

Conversational AI is the mechanics behind advanced AI chatbots. It uses deep learning algorithms and neural linguistics to conduct authentic, empathetic and helpful conversations with humans. With AI, chatbots go beyond the simple yes/no decision trees of rule-based bots and step into the realm of real two-way interactions using natural-sounding language. With conversational AI, chatbots give a genuine personalised experience that adapts to any given conversation.

AI chatbots vs conversational AI

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