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WebChat provides instant support for your customers on any device that can access the Internet.


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Automate well over half your conversations and free agents to handle the more complex issues.


API integration with third
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Customers and agents benefit from real-time data to inform the conversation and quickly resolve queries.

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What is WebChat?

WebChat is an online communications chatbot that is embedded in a website for real-time text conversations. Webio’s AI-powered WebChat bot provides a rich experience using conversational AI technology to have human-like two-way interactions with customers. WebChat forms part of a multichannel engagement approach where customers communicate on the channels they prefer.

How WebChat Works

The WebChat bot is integrated into a website where customers have text messaging conversations with AI chatbots through the pop-up interface, while live agents are on hand if needed.

The chatbot uses Natural Language Processing and AI technology to understand the user's request. It then analyses the input, identifies the intent behind the message, extracts any relevant entities or data, and then responds accordingly. For more detail on how this works, read How AI Chatbots Work. With Machine Learning, the chatbot is continually growing in its understanding of human language and industry-specific terms.

WebChat manages the conversation flow and ensures that it stays on track and addresses the user's needs. It may ask follow-up questions, provide information, or suggest options.

To provide personalised and accurate real-time data, the chatbot can be integrated with backend systems, such as databases or CRM systems, using API.

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Customers Love WebChat's Conversational Style and Fast Service

Any organisation that interacts with the public can benefit from WebChat, but it is particularly adept at customer engagement, customer service and technical support. WebChat also helps to connect with people around sales, marketing and lead generation activities.

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WebChat Brings Success Across the Board

Improve Customer Experience and Engagement
It provides a platform for businesses to engage with customers in real-time, allowing for more personalised and meaningful interactions. The result is reduced response times, increased efficiency of support teams, and less customer frustration.

Increase Agent Efficiency
Agents are no longer bogged down by dealing with simple yet time-consuming tasks as the WebChat bot can easily take care of them. The high level of automation that the chatbots achieve reduces average handling times and increases agent productivity.

Each agent can also monitor about 15 WebChat conversations simultaneously and will only jump in if the bot hands over.

Save on Resource Costs
Unlike traditional methods such as phone calls, WebChat can handle multiple conversations at the same time, thus reducing the need for extra support staff. This brings huge savings as human agents cost more than chatbots.

Access WebChat Any Time, Anywhere
WebChat is accessible to customers on any device with an Internet connection, making it a convenient and flexible customer engagement channel. Customers love this as they have access to support from wherever they are and at a time that suits them.

Share Files with Ease
The chat system also lets you send attachments, so you can share photos, videos, and documents with no hassle right from within the conversation.

Take Action with Customer Insights
Sophisticated analytics and reporting and the logs from WebChat provide valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences and pain points, which can be used to improve customer support and overall customer experience.

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