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Automated Debt Collection

Automated Debt Collection

Why Choose Automation


High-Volume Messaging

Manage automated digital messaging at scale.


Accessible Digital Channels

Reach your customers when and how they choose across multiple channels.


Conversational AI Messaging

Engage customers with understanding for positive results.

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Excel with automated debt collection workflow and advanced functionality LEARN MORE

Excel with automated debt collection workflow and advanced functionality

Keep your debt collection process on track with automated workflow, such as sending timeous payment reminders and next-step prompts. What is more, Webio users benefit from functions like scheduling, campaign management and advanced bot design tools. Webio Reengage automates your follow-up strategy to contact customers that have gone quiet.

With automated collections technology, agents can manage multiple customer conversations at the same time as the threads are asynchronous. Undeniably, the numbers show that automated debt collection produces better results.

Do more with less by using AI collections chatbots

AI and Natural Language Processing are used powerfully in chatbot design for debt collection. These collections chatbots can quickly take care of more than half of customer interactions which means you can do more with fewer resources.

Stepping up to the next level of AI, these digital assistants can recognise sentiment, intent and context, and can then guide the conversation down the best route for a successful outcome. Where there are situations that need human judgments, live agents will take over.

Do more with less by using AI collections chatbots
Optimise engagement based on customer circumstances

Enjoy better response rates with customer-centric engagement

How you speak to customers makes all the difference in how they respond. Webio’s automated debt collection software uses conversational AI to facilitate empathetic two-way customer conversations. Additionally, the Propensity Studio can help spot a customer in trouble and can steer them down the best route.

Being customer-centric also means offering a smooth customer experience, for example, making it easy to pay by with self-service payment gateways.


Save time with accurate data-driven conversations

API integration gives you access to an immediate, single version of the truth and this data can be fed into personalised conversations with each customer.

It also saves time as you don’t have to ask for information you already have in your system. And there will be fewer frustrating errors like asking for a payment that has already been made.

Save time with accurate data-driven conversations

Gain peace of mind with baked-in compliance

Since Webio records every conversation, there is a secure and transparent audit trail.

All the regulations covering debt collection can be encoded into the software so you can sleep well at night knowing all is well with your compliance.

Gain peace of mind with baked-incompliance

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