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How to Reduce a 25 min Customer Call to 5 mins with Engaging Conversational Forms *Webinar Jan 22*

Date:  Tuesday January 22nd  at 11:00am

Duration: 30 mins

Gathering important data from customers can be a challenge especially when being completed on a phone call with an agent, capturing accurate data is time consuming and costly.

Imagine a situation where agents are no longer required to walk customers step-by-step through a list of questions, but rather customers can complete forms on their mobiles and continue the conversation in a messaging app like WhatsApp, SMS or Messenger all whilst agents are busy handling other queries and only engaging when the customer is ready and the conversation needs to be moved forward to the next stage.This is now a reality.

With engaging conversational forms agent data processing times are being reduced from 25 mins to under 5 minutes and customer experience and satisfaction are going through the roof.

In 30 minutes, you will be introduced to conversational forms and shown where they can fit into a customer engagement process and how to:

  •     Deploy conversational forms over messaging apps
  •     Seamlessly shift the conversation to real-time messaging engagement
  •     How agent handling times have been reduced from 25 mins to 5
  •     How form data is populated onto an agent's screen

You will also have get to see examples of where conversational forms are having the greatest impact.

Tuesday January 22nd at 11:00am

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