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Hoist Finance Launches WhatsApp Business in Italy with Webio

Hoist Finance Launches WhatsApp Business in Italy with Webio

Hoist Finance is now engaging with customers on the world’s largest messaging platform, to extend customer reach, improve payment processes and deliver better customer experiences.

Hoist Finance, one of Europe's largest financial services companies has launched WhatsApp for Business in its Italian operation.  The Enterprise solution that will enable Hoist Finance's teams to engage more efficiently with customers over the world's largest messaging platform.

Partnering with Webio, the Conversational Middleware Company,  this exciting and innovative initiative enables Hoist Finance to engage with customers in a channel their customers use extensively every day. Using Webio's conversational AI platform to communicate in real-time with customers via a web application, Hoist Finance now have the ability to assign conversations based on department, intelligently route and deploy auto responses as well as management reporting.

The launch focused on two key core functionalities - bulk messaging campaign capability, which will be utilised to extend customer reach, and give Hoist the ability to easily send images of required payment documentation as part of a live conversation.

WhatsApp Business allows for clear company branding which will gives confidence and trust to customers that they are in contact with Hoist Finance and their advisors. WhatsApp is a secure communication channel, which is important when sharing financial information with customers.

Commenting on the launch, Webio's EVP of Sales and Marketing Mark Oppermann says  "we're delighted to work with the Hoist Finance team to bring WhatsApp to their customers.  Given the cost of SMS in Italy, adding this new channel is not only cost effective for the business but is bringing Hoist into the digital customer engagement age."

From a recent announcement, Hoist Finance's Emanuele Reale, Chief Operating Officer explains what this means to their customers, "this product launch is an important step towards becoming digital and finding solutions that fit the modern customer. With WhatsApp being the most popular messaging platform in Italy, I'm convinced that our customers will appreciate that they can now communicate with us through their favourite platform."

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