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Transforming Customer Engagement in Debt Collections with Snap Finance

Webio Webinar



Duration:  60 mins


Snap Finance, one of the UK’s fastest-growing consumer credit companies, has embarked on a new chapter by introducing digital customer engagement via conversational SMS messaging and a new debt collections chatbot. Traditionally reliant on outbound dialling, inbound calls and live agents this traditional approach was producing good results but at a time when messaging and mobile engagement is so prevalent, they knew that the business had to move with the times and start its digital transformation. 

In this 60-minute webinar, we talk with Jonathan Booker, head of field collections with Snap Finance about his experience with ‘going digital’ and how Snap Finance transformed their collections processes, increased engagement, reduced operational costs and are developing better relationships with their customers.

You will hear how the Snap Finance team:

  • Easily transitioned to digital engagement

  • Choose SMS messaging as their initial key channel and how customers responded

  • Used automation and chatbots at different stages for the customer journey

  • Blended bot and live agent to guide customer conversations

  • Successfully deployed COVID-19 bots to manage spikes in inbound queries, payment holiday and reduced payment requests

  • Gathered customer information using bots rather than agents

  • Were blown away by the results

If you are thinking about or are using messaging currently, you will get some great insight as to what can be achieved and how to go about starting on the road with conversational customer engagement - chatbots, automation, new channels.  

“Conversational SMS messaging now plays a primary role in our customer contact strategy deploying before dialler campaigns and field visits and it just works!  - Jonathan Booker - Snap Finance 


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Transforming Customer Engagement in Debt Collections 



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