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The Secret to Getting Customers Engaged: It’s All About Your Channels.

The Secret to Getting Customers Engaged: It’s All About Your Channels

The Secret to Getting Your Customers Engaged: It’s All About Your Channels

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Customers use multiple channels to interact with their favourite brands. That is a fact.

Effective use of a mobile for engaging customers is no longer just about making a phone call, it's about using the channels your customer uses. Your business probably isn't maximising this potential and losing competitiveness because of this as others are forging. There's dozens of new channels emerging, how do you transition into the world of mobile engagement and be confident that you will get the better contact rates and customer experiences.  Customer engagement is constantly changing, so keeping up with and to preparing for the future is vital to effective customer engagement and ultimately boosting revenue.

In this first of our webinar series of effective customers engagement webinrs, we will in 40-minutes look at the importance of channels and;

  •     How to get the channel mix that serves your processes and departments right
  •     Effectively engage with all customers types -- even those that habitually ignore you
  •     Simply add unlimited channels that doesn't require an IT team to deploy

all whilst ensuring that customers have a consistently positive experience at each point in the customer journey.


Webinar 2 In Series

AI and Automation:
Blending AI and Agents to Take Your Collections to the Next Level



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Webio, The Conversational Middleware Company™ brings true AI driven customer conversations to the enterprise. Webio 's channel agnostic conversational interface engagement platform uses the power of AI driven chatbots, machine learning and NLP to introduce a 'blended AI' approach to customer engagement that lets AI agents work alongside human agents to seamlessly engage with customers.


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If you need to improve your customer engagement, talk to us and we'll show you how AI automation via digital messaging apps works. You will love the Webio experience. We promise.

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