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Machine Learning in Debt Collections...Predicting if Customers Will Pay

Will Your Customers Pay?  Wouldn’t that be Nice to Know.   See How Machine Learning is Predicting What Your Customers Will Do

Tuesday January 28th 1pm (GMT) or Friday January 31st at 11am (GMT)

We have reached the final webinar in our Collecting Customer Payments Webinar Series,  a series that is devoted to highlighting just how effective digital conversations are at reaching out, engaging with customers, collecting payments, reducing costs and increasing agent efficiency at each point of the debt cycle.

In our first three webinars, we talked about getting your customer channels right, chatbots and agents working in harmony to improve customer engagement and save hours of agents’ time and delivers higher completion rates.

Now, we are moving on to Machine Learning and predicting customer conversation outcomes.  Which, believe it or not,  is already having a positive impact in the debt collections industry.  

Imagine, if you knew the outcome of all your customers’ conversations before the conversation started, what would you do differently for the next  engagement.  That is what machine learning is all about and a lot more too.

We will take the myth out of AI and Machine learning and get down to brass tacs to show exactly what it can deliver and how to start using it. 

In this 40-minute session, we will take a closer look at:

  • How machine learning in collections works
  • Predicting customer conversation outcomes with 85%+ accuracy
  • Calculating propensity-to-pay scores and moving conversations onto the next best action
  • Identifying possible vulnerable customers and directing them to specialist agents



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See How Machine Learning is Predicting What Your Customers Will Do




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