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How WhatsApp and SMS Complement Each Other in Digital Debt Collection

How to Reduce Dialler Dependency and Have More Customer Conversations

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Duration:  35 mins

For many businesses, diallers are a key part of customer engagement operations doing a specific of saving agents time and effort in trying to have phone calls with customers.  
But for a growing number of businesses, the dialler is playing less of a central role, and for good reason. Depending on traditional diallers alone is becoming a limitation rather than a driver for engaging with more customers.   

If the business goal is to connect with more customers more efficiently and have personalised conversations that result in positive outcomes, the dialler just can’t compete with digital engagement—it’s that simple. 
So, why is digital engagement driving this shift away from a ‘dialler first’ approach?  In this 30-minutes practical webinar, we will take a deeper dive into diallers and digital engagement and review:

Key Points We Will Cover

  • Diallers and Digital and their Performance Differences 
    Looking at metrics for the Dialler and Digital messaging and give you an understanding of why digital messaging is out-performing diallers.  

  • Marrying Diallers and Digital 
    How conversational messaging, automation, AI, and blended agent engagement can work together with diallers to drive engagement and results. What that looks like, and what will it deliver?   

  • What Others in the Industry Have Achieved
    Gain insights from UK businesses that have successfully reduced dialler dependency  
    while improving collection outcomes and customer satisfaction. 

By the end of this session, you will be equipped with insights and practical strategies to maximise engagement and reduce dialler dependency.   The dialler has been the holy grail of the contact centre space, but that is certainly no longer the case  

It’s time to rethink the role of diallers and acknowledge that they are just one piece of the larger puzzle in effective debt collection. 

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