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Vulnerability: How AI is Driving Better Customer Outcomes in Debt Collection Conversations

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We've been at many events and conferences recently, where a prevalent question we have been asked is, "How does AI function in debt collections?".
To address this, we have conducted a series of webinars to explain the workings of AI in debt collection, and now it is time to focus on vulnerability.

Identifying and managing vulnerable customers is a priority, especially in the age of Consumer Duty.  But can this technology be used in collections and help with vulnerability?  

The answer is yes, it's happening already.  

In 45 minutes, we will take a deeper dive into how AI works in collections, and show it in action with natural language processing identifying what customers are trying to do, extracting useful information from live conversations to help guide and manage conversations using a case study illustration.


  • Vulnerability Management:
    See how AI is identifying vulnerability with 86%+ accuracy which enables customers to be dealt with empathetically through automation or blended agent engagement, ensuring vulnerable customers experience the right level of care in an efficient way.
  • Driving Positive Customer Outcomes:
    Gain insights into how AIs fosters more personalised and human-centric customer engagement, ensuring customers feel understood and valued.
  • Efficiency & Simplicity through Automation: Unpack how AI and automation, when combined, lead to streamlined customer interactions that are pressure-free and solution-oriented. From conducting ID&Vs to completing I&E’s in 2mins rather than 25.
  • Opening Up Digital Channels
    Make it easier for customers to engage, respond, and collaborate

  • Maintaining Regulatory Compliance
    How to maintain regulatory compliance, ensuring that interactions align with ethical and legal standards.
AI is at the forefront of transforming various industries, and debt collection is no exception. There is a lot of buzz around this topic, but we aim to take the myth out of AI in Debt Collection and get to the heart of the reality of how to use AI in debt collections.


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