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Debt Collection: Top 10 things you need to know in 2022

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Duration: 50mins

As we start into 2022 businesses are continuing their digital transformation journey and introducing initiatives that add real value for customers and the bottom line, especially in the area of customer engagement.

However, not everyone is moving at the same pace, many collection businesses aren’t adapting as quickly as other industries and now need to accelerate their digital transformation efforts to ensure they don’t get left behind their competitors and ultimately are able to deliver the type of engagement experiences that customers expect and the conversation outcomes that the business requires.

With “so much to do and so little time” we are going to in this 50-minute webinar show you the10 key elements that will have a significant impact on the rapidly evolving debt collection landscape, how they work and what impact they can deliver you and your business.

  • Automation: How it is here to stay and will continue to drive operational efficiencies and deliver better customer engagement experiences

  • AI: Managing customer conversations and engaging based on customer-specific circumstances rather than a ‘one-fits-all’ approach.

  • Hyper– Personalisation: Customer experiences made personal through real-time data that drive positive conversation outcomes.

  • Blended Engagement: How agents and AI chatbots blended engagement offers better engagement experiences for customers and agents, and deliver reduced contact costs and increased interaction volume without the need for more staff.

  • Doing More with Same Resources: Using customer engagement technology to drive efficiency, from managing campaigns, smart scheduling and auto-chase

… and lots more. 

If you are keen to keep up to date with how customer engagement technology is reshaping how businesses engage and collect customer payments then this one is for you.   



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