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Conversational AI in Debt Collection What You Need to Know in 2024

Conversational AI in Debt Collection; What You Need to Know in 2024

Duration:  60 mins

As 2023 marked a pivotal year in the evolution of AI, with ChatGPT emerging as a ground-breaking example. It has rapidly moved into the mainstream, with many businesses looking to seize the opportunity to benefit from all AI has to offer, especially in the area of customer engagement. Debt collection is no exception.

However, the enthusiasm for AI adoption, particularly in the area of customer engagement and communications, warrants a balanced approach. Hastily applying AI without careful consideration can lead to unforeseen challenges, especially in highly regulated industries where managing the nuances of individual customer conversations is crucial.

This webinar will set up for success in 2024!

The webinar will review the key aspects of employing Generative AI and Large Language Models in debt collection. We'll provide a comprehensive overview of how Custom Language Models, tailored for the credit and collections industry, are being used today and impacting AI adoption in this sector.

With so many eager to learn more about how AI is being applied into the world of collections, we will delve into this in this 60-minute session.

Key Areas We Will Cover 

Reflecting on AI's Journey in 2023
We'll examine the significant advancements and lessons learned over the past year in AI technology.

Decoding AI Buzzwords
Unravel the complexities surrounding Generative AI and Conversational AI, making these concepts accessible and understandable and explaining how and where they’ll add value.

Exploring the Pillars of Collections Conversational AI
We'll outline the key elements of Conversational AI, focusing on their impact on conversation management and performance and how and where Automation will deliver significant benefits.

The Agent's AI Experience in 2024
Get an insider view of how AI is reshaping the agent experience in the current year.

Our aims is to demystify the initial hype around new technologies, offering a realistic perspective on their long-term implications and uses in debt collection. 

Join us to gain insightful lessons from 2023 and learn what future AI and debt collection trends might look like in 2024 and beyond.

After the webinar, the hosts had a 'fireside chat' to discuss and answer the questions about conversational AI that were posed - have a look.


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