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APIs and Debt Collection Conversations What You Need to Know

Dates:  Tuesday, 26th July at 11am or Thursday, July 28th at 2pm

Duration: 40mins

Following on from our last webinar 'What Technical Leaders in Credit and Collections Need to know about Conversational Technology', we are ready to move on to the next topic in our Debt Collection Deep Dive Webinar Series - APIs and customer engagement.
APIs are at the heart of successful digital customer engagement initiatives; they are the tools that allow the business to put its data to good use and to provide richer digital experiences that ultimately drive operational efficiencies and positive conversation outcomes.
Some businesses look to use APIs because they want to expand their reach to new customers, others are motivated by government and industry standards, and others just want to ensure that their business is continuing on its digital journey. Regardless, APIs are coming to every industry and you need to be prepared.

But for many, the idea of using APIs in customer conversations can be intimidating with many unanswered questions; what are APIs? how do they work? and is our business a good fit for using them?

The good news is that you don't have to be a tech company or a large enterprise to reap the benefits of APIs, they are equally beneficial for small to midsize companies in any industry.

In this 40-minute session, you will get an insight into:
  • What APIs are and how they work
  • How they bring to life customer conversations in real-time
  • Their impact on customer experience and driving positive conversation outcomes
  • How businesses are using them to drive hyper-personalisation
  • What do simple, intermediate and complex APIs look like
  • How simple they are to set up and us
You don't have to be technical to benefit from this session, there will be lots of real-life examples and discussions around the business applications and what they look like. So, something for everyone.

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Tuesday, July 26th at 11am 
Thursday, July 28th at 2pm

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