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Deep Fakes are Easy to Make: Should we be Worried?

Paul Sweeney | Chief Strategy Officer

Webio's CSO, Paul Sweeney, spoke to the Irish Independent's Adrian Weckler on the Big Tech Show podcast


Paul and Adrian looked into:

What are Deep Fakes
: Deep fakes are digitally altered or AI created videos where a person's face or body is modified to make them appear to say or do something that they didn't actually say or do. These are often used maliciously or to spread false information.

Prevalence in Ireland: There has been an increase in the prevalence of deep fakes in Ireland, particularly involving celebrities and well-known figures. These deep fakes often involve warnings or promote seemingly incredible opportunities.

Technology Acceleration: Paul Sweeney discussed the rapid advancement of deep fake technology. He noted the commonplace nature of AI services that can generate speech in different languages, indicating the widespread availability of this technology.

Personal Experiment by Adrian: Adrian, the show's host, created his own deep fake video, which received mixed reactions. Some found it scarily accurate, while others thought it seemed robotic.

Potential Negative Impacts: Paul emphasised the dangers of deep fakes, especially when used with malicious intent. He highlighted the potential for deep fakes to negatively impact elections, incite riots, and spread disinformation when in the wrong hands.

(Original podcast on Irish Independent)

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