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Webio Hosts CCR The Future of Collections Roundtable

Webio Hosts CCR The Future of Collections Roundtable

Webio is delighted to join forces with CCR Magazine to host the Future of Collections roundtable event.  The debate will focus on automation and innovation and the role they play shaping how the collections industry approaches customer engagement and collections payments.

Leading players in the collections field and specialists in conversational technology and conversation design will join the first of year's debates to discuss their thoughts and experiences from the front line on:

  • How relevant is automation to the collections industry?
  • How close are we to wide-spread adoption of chatbots and agents working side-by-side?
  • Is the industry ready to change its approach to engaging with customer in a conversational manner and will customers respond to it?
  • Is the collections industry lagging behind the times when it comes to technology and customer engagement?

At the session, we will be taking a closer look at:

  • Automation and the new role it’s playing in the collections process
  • The practicalities of automation, what it can do and why it is successful
  • The art of conversation design and how good design drives customer engagement
  • The role of linguistics in creating natural and human-like conversations that get more considered customer responses and better conversation outcomes.
  • The impact of automation on agent efficiency
  • The impact of the pandemic on collections in 2021 and how to get customers back into the mindset of regular payments.

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