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Webio Launches Customer Conversational Forms for the Enterprise

Webio Launches Customer Conversational Forms for the Enterprise

Webio, the Conversational Middleware Company™ has launched its latest platform addition -  ‘Conversational Forms’. 

Forms are fast becoming an essential part of the customer contact arsenal and are reducing agent interaction times, reducing costs, and improving customer experience.

Webio’s addition of ‘conversational forms’ means that the Enterprise can effectively collect data as part of a digital messaging or online conversation by asking questions, one at a time, just like a real-conversations, which customers love. Whether that is sending out forms as part of an existing customer automated conversation, incorporating them into a live agent interaction or kick starting an engagement on a website.  The value of letting customers engage in a more conversational manner rather than via a static form is that completion rates are significantly higher, and the experience isn’t one dimensional.

Powered by Typeform,  Webio’s conversational middleware platform has enhanced conversational form engagement by adapting them for use within contact centres and large customer driven organisations. Conversational forms can be deployed within messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger and even SMS.  In addition, Webio’s conversational middlware facilitates customers completing a conversational form on a website and seamlessly shifting into a messaging conversation with a chatbot or agent without losing any information or context.  A uniquely Webio offering.

But Webio has added another dimension to customers just filling out forms - Webio AI Bots dynamically continue and move each individual customer conversation forward and closer to a business outcome.  The form being submitted doesn’t have to be the end of the customer conversation but rather the opportunity to move it forward to the next best step.  For many clients that may be to continue a bot lead conversation, seamlessly pass over to a live agent, calculate form scores and prompt automated follow on messaging, or automating feedback messaging back to the customer.  Whatever the next step in the process is,  Webio led bots can seamlessly manage it.

Commenting on Webio’s latest product release, Webio’s EVP of Product Paul Sweeney says “conversational forms are a way of capturing content in a fluid manner, and when connected to agent work flows and messengers, creates a seamless, friction free experience.  It is really a beautiful experience. In years to come we will wonder why we did this any other way. We have already tested and rolled out Webio conversational forms to a number of UK clients in the collections space the response has been phenomenal not only from the client, but from their customers too.”



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