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Webio Unveils New AI-Driven User Interface for Credit and Collections

Empowering Agents, Enriching Conversations:
Webio's UI Sets a New Standard in Conversational AI in Credit and Collections

Dublin, Ireland, 18th January 2024 Webio, a leading provider of conversational AI customer engagement solutions for the credit and collections industry, today unveiled a significant upgrade to its platform and user interface (UI), integrating advanced AI capabilities. 

Designed to empower agents with faster, more intelligent information, the redesigned UI enhances agents' ability to engage with customers, particularly those in vulnerable situations.

With the Webio platform, AI and chatbots efficiently handle most interactions in the background, reducing agent involvement in customer interactions by 75%+.     

This redesigned UI, representing Webio's most substantial UI overhaul since launching seven years ago, marks a significant milestone and a new era for Webio's product development. The latest platform embodies a fully microservices-based architecture, ensuring seamless scalability, including a completely revamped UI. 

However, the human touch remains integral for specific customer interactions, a core capability of the Webio platform, blending chatbot and agent engagement seamlessly. Speed and confidence in accessing and responding to relevant conversations and information in a compliant way is paramount.

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The enhanced UI boasts a suite of robust features:   
  • Improved search functionality 
  • Reconceptualised campaign feature and
  • Dynamic new dashboards that provide comprehensive performance and business insights 
The innovative conversational flow builder, featuring a canvas-based design, is at the heart of this upgrade. It maintains the powerful rules engine that underpins current automation and now integrates direct access to conversational AI elements. All tools necessary for conversational engagement are readily available.

Here’s what can be immediately leveraged: 

Customer Entities for Identification 
In one customer message, AI identifies, processes, standardises, and verifies critical customer data, regardless of how the information is delivered in the message, thus enhancing identification and verification rates by 60%.   

Customer Intents identifies what customers want to do 
AI swiftly categorises the purpose of customer conversations, channeling them towards personalised paths for faster, more satisfying resolutions. 
Propensity Outcomes identify the most likely outcome and how best to manage the conversation   
AI can predict the direction of conversations with an accuracy of 85%-90% from the initial interactions, facilitating swift and compassionate transfer to suitable teams. 

Smart Assistants / Co-Pilots 
Webio's UI now includes smart assistance or 'Co-Pilots' for collection agents. Depending on the industry, conversation type, and stage, these Co-Pilots serve varied functions. Agents gain instant access to critical information like account balances, upcoming payment dates, and intelligent responses. The updated Webio UI delivers AI-sourced information straight to agents, equipping them with the essentials for achieving effective customer outcomes.  

Given Webio's comprehensive control over the technology stack, these AI functionalities can be tailored to specific corporate needs. Companies can fully manage customer experiences on a single platform, from flow design to defining business outcomes, extract actionable data and insights to drive automation or make them accessible to your agents for direct customer support.   

Webio envisions a future where every role benefits from an intelligent assistant, and every company possesses a tailored language model to power these assistants.  

Commenting on the UI upgrade, CEO Cormac O’Neill said, “Understanding that conversations about people's financial well-being are some of the most difficult conversations we will have is at the heart of everything we do. If you can develop AI that makes these difficult conversations a little bit easier for all involved, then that's a good thing. Today, we are taking a significant step forward to achieving this aim with the launch of our new UI. Powered by our proprietary Custom Collections Language Models, our conversational AI solution takes the stress and friction out of conversations by getting to the most desired outcome as quickly as possible.

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