What is Digital Customer Experience?

By digital, we mean everything that is online or automated. So, think of all the digital interactions a customer can have with a company – a website, a mobile app, social media sites and multiple messaging apps or channels. 

Digitising customer experiences doesn’t mean the process becomes distant and loses the personal touch. What is does mean is that the whole experience is more efficient and that the customer’s needs can be taken care of quickly and accurately.  

Debt Collection Customer Experience Goes Digital 

In the world of credit and collections, going digital means that the customer journey is automated and led by digital systems. The integration of AI chatbots into debt collection contact centers has made for some significant and positive changes. 

Customers are often intimidated when dealing with human agents about their debt issues. On the other hand, dealing with an AI chatbot removes the embarrassment factor and makes it easier for customers to deal with queries. 

→ The customer can access information immediately. All they have to do is connect with a company via one of the messaging channels, website or mobile apps. 

→ Self-service options are available for customers to take care of their debt management themselves, such as account queries, payment plans and payments. 

→ API integration allows instant and accurate data to be used in automated/agent customer service queries. Contact centre agents can easily access the necessary customer information to handle a query. For example, the customer’s account history. 

→ Access to customer data also allows for personalisation, which makes the whole debt management process relevant to the customer and less frustrating. 

→ AI chatbots are on call 24/7, offering around the clock service to customers. This is a great plus to those that cannot contact a call centre during their working day. 

AI tech has advanced to the point where it can detect vulnerabilities, flag them to agents and guide the customer down the best route. AI can also pick out entities, such as date and amounts, from unstructured text, which greatly speeds up the information gathering process.  

how ai chatbots work

AI-Human Partnerships in Debt Collection Customer Experiences 

The collaboration between AI automation and human agents makes the digital customer experience both quick and friction-free, as well as reassuring that a person is standing by to help if needed.  

AI chatbots play a pivotal role in the initial stages of debt collection. They can efficiently handle routine tasks such as sending payment reminders, answering frequently asked questions, providing information about payment options, and guiding the customer through their self-service actions. 

Although AI chatbots can be trained to engage empathetically, human agents remain indispensable in debt collection conversations. In cases where AI chatbots encounter challenges or when a higher level of emotional intelligence is needed, human agents step in and complete the conversation. 

So finally, since the customer’s queries and requests are dealt with promptly, they are more likely to become loyal brand advocates for the company. 

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