What is Conversational SMS?

Conversational SMS is the next generation of SMS business messaging.

SMS is the messaging channel that most businesses have the most experience with, but in today's conversational messaging world, businesses are not optimising SMS fully and still using it the same way they always have. Customers want faster, more responsive and more interactive customer experiences. 
Conversational SMS it’s about making the customer engagement process more efficient and effective using automated AI-chatbots to guide the conversation over SMS with a chatbot, an agent or both. With conversational SMS, businesses can engage more efficiently with fewer agent resources required.  Let automated chatbots handle the low-value conversations and transfer to live agents only when needed.
Conversational SMS is designed to be a flowing two-way conversation that allows customers to respond to your messages and vice versa.  Agents are much more efficient as one agent can handle more than 15+ conversations, without ever losing the conversation thread-like with webchat. 
Conversational SMS can be as flexible as you need it to be, you can opt for an agent or chatbot-driven engagement or a combination of the two. You decide what fits best for your customer journey. Just remember that even If you opt for a more automated conversation flow, human agent support can be built to ensure a smooth customer engagement if the AI is unable to respond.

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