What is AI Self-Service?

AI-powered self-service refers to a platform that uses artificial intelligence technologies to automate customer interactions.  

These platforms allow customers to perform a number of tasks - such as making payments, checking balances, and asking common questions - without intervention from human agents.  

How do self-service platforms with AI work? 

AI self-service uses a combination of technologies, including Conversational AI chatbots, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, and intent recognition.  

When a customer steps into an online self-service portal, an AI chatbot engages with them using these AI skills to understand what a customer is trying to do or say, and then in turn, the bot generates appropriate responses or performs the actions. 

Conversational AI plays a central role in AI self-service by providing a natural and interactive way for customers to go about their business on the portal. These chatbots simulate human-like conversations, enabling customers to ask questions or perform actions using their own natural language.  

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Example of how AI self-service portals work 

Let's consider a banking self-service portal. Say a customer wants to check their account balance, so they access the platform and type a query: "What is my current balance?"  

The AI chatbot understands the intent, extracts relevant information, and retrieves the account balance from the backend systems. This requires an API connection for it to return accurate and up-to-date data.  The bot then generates a response such as, "Your current balance is £1000."  

The entire process happens in real-time, which gives customers an uncomplicated and intuitive experience.  

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Are self-service portals secure for handling sensitive customer information? 

Self-service platforms employ security measures, such as encryption, secure authentication, and access controls, to protect sensitive customer data. AI-powered platforms also undergo rigorous testing and compliance procedures to ensure they adhere to industry standards and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  

Can AI-powered self-service handle complex conversations? 

Advanced NLP and Machine Learning algorithms enable these AI platforms to understand and respond to a wide range of queries, including complex questions that may require API access to multiple systems or databases. However, for specialised enquiries, the platforms can escalate the conversation to a human agent who will take over and speak directly with the customer.  

The ultimate goal of an AI self-service portal is a secure, cost-effective, efficient and customer-friendly experience. 

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