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Which Debt Collection Software Won at the AI Awards?

Webio’s Debt Collection Software has come out on top at this year’s AI Awards.

The annual AI Awards have taken place and eight lucky winners crowned with the Best of AI Awards in their respective categories. Shortlisted from a list of 32 innovative submissions in industry, academic research, and students from a wide variety of fields in AI from Cybersecurity, RPA, data privacy, healthcare, speech recognition, customer service.

Webio is over the moon to have won the Best Use of AI in a Consumer/Customer Service Application for its use of its conversational AI and customer engagement solution platform in credit and collections.

It has been an exciting year for Webio with the launch of its AI Propensity Studio. The first of its kind in credit and debt collections Propensity Studio is designed to optimise customer engagement by understanding the language that customers use and figuring out from that what the customer is trying to achieve. It then helps them reach that goal better and faster than ever before using machine learning and AI. 

This award recognises the impact of Conversational AI on customer engagement at scale. Customers want positive and productive conversations with companies about the money they owe. As a specialist in the credit and collections space, Webio have developed the AI to deliver on this requirement. The credit industry is seeing it really needs to step up to the next level of digital interaction and we are helping them on this transformation journey.

Digital debt collection conversations grew exponentially during Covid-19 as customers and companies alike struggled to reorganise their payment schedules in response to constantly shifting circumstances. Over the pandemic many people found themselves in credit conversations and digital channels is where they wanted to conduct their business.  Overnight the sector truly went digital and Webio was there to help them with our Conversational AI platform.



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