Webio Keeps Customer Conversations Flowing with Conversational Middleware

Webio Keeps Customer Conversations Flowing with Conversational Middleware

A leading water recycling utility in England and Wales has taken the plunge with Webio to introduce customer conversational messaging to increased customer engagement by over 7% instantly.

Webio Hosts The Future of Customer Service CMMA Briefing

Webio Hosts 'The Future of Customer Service' at CCMA Briefing

Every industry is now open to disruption from either new players that combine digital and AI driven model, or from existing players that are taking service to a new level using digital and AI Conversational technologies are one of these transformational approaches. In this information sharing session we will take specific examples from Retail, Finance and Travel industries to show how there is a natural progression from Chat, to Messenger, and VoiceFirst systems, and how it is changing the worlds of customer service, customer contact, and the contact centre industry today.

External picture of Microsoft HQ home to Webio 's  ConverCon - The Conversational Interface Conference

Webio Brings ConverCon - The Conversational Interface Conference Back to Dublin

Webio, the organisers of The Conversational Interface Conference have announced that ConverCon is coming back to Dublin. Taking place in Microsoft HQ - One Microspoft Place. Moving to a full-day gathering in an amazing venue like Microsoft will facilitate larger audiences and a full-day conference.

Webio 's AI and Machine Learning Technology Receives Global Recognition

Webio's AI and Machine Learning Technology Receives Global Recognition

Webio is one for the chosen few selected for the Google For Entrepreneurs Exchange programme at Impact Hub Zurich to participate in the programme. We are 1 of only 10 global startups chosen globally for the Google For Entrepreneurs Exchange: AI & Machine Learning programme.

Webio’s conversational middleware powers Avvio’s new AI driven hotel booking engine.

Webio’s Conversational Middleware Powers Avvio’s AI Driven Hotel Booking Engine

Webio and Avvio have joined forces to introduce the hotel industry's first hotel booking chatbot. Announcing the availability of their recently completed collaboration with the release of a new conversational hotel booking bot on the Avvio platform customers can now receive highly personalised and automated guest experiences through the Webio hotel booking bot.

Picture of mobile phone with Webio Conversational Middleware Hotel Booking Bot for the Kingsley Hotel shown on the screen.

Meet 'Dorothy' Ireland's First Hotel Booking Bot Powered by Webio

Webio's conversational messaging hotel booking bot that lets customers find, book, pay and even start planning their hotel stay is now live. This facility allows customers to start and finish their entire booking process though a customised conversational chatbot. From checking room availability, selecting and reserving rooms right through to payment, the booking bot is integrated across the hotels systems allowing it to be embedded into existing business processes.


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