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WhatsApp Business is Now Live...Find Out What You Need Know About Getting Started!

Businesses Can Finally Access WhatsApp...Find Out What You Need Know About Getting Started!

Duration: 30 mins

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WhatsApp with its 1.6 billion active users is the world's most popular channel of engagement. Your business can now tap into this huge potential for connecting and engaging customers in valuable conversations. WhatsApp Business has been live for a number of months and is only now being released to brands in a very structured manner.  Expanding your customer reach using the most popular messaging app in the world and making it easier for customers to connect with you, and you with them requires a little bit of planning to get set up.  Given the enormous potential of WhatsApp engagement, where do you get started?

In this 30-minute webinar we will give you:

  • A complete understanding of what is involved in adding WhatsApp into your existing contact strategy.
  • Insight into the nuances of messaging templates, number verifications, inbound and outbound messaging.
  • Step-by-step methodology to managing two-way customer conversations and understand what tools you will need to be able to do all this easily and on scale.
  • An overview of how WhatsApp will impact your customers' digital engagement journey


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  • Show you how easy set-up is(less than 5 mins)

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