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12 daring start-ups to watch and Webio is one of them

Webio makes the list of the "12 daring start-ups to watch"

"12 daring start-ups to watch" and Webio is one of them!  We are over the moon to have made this list and be in such great company.  Dublin's tech ecosystem is healthier than ever with a  "plethora of areas, from AI to blockchain and the internet of things" reports John Kennedy from

"Over the past year and a half, we have trawled through Europe’s top cities for start-ups to watch but, for some reason, our own home city of Dublin, where was founded and is based, always gave us pause for thought.

This is mostly because we write about these start-ups all the time, they have appeared on other lists and in stories we have recently compiled, and we see them nearly every day – but still, it is important that the city’s entrepreneurs are also put on a world stage." writes Kennedy

We are delighted that he did. We see Webio's conversational middleware as a game changer for large enterprises and contact centers as it empowers companies to reach across and messaging apps and voice interfaces like Messenger WhatsApp, SMS, Alexa and Google Home and have efficient, outcome driven conversations with customers.

Recently launching 'Conversational Forms for the Enterprise' , that now sees customers using engaging conversational forms to submit data and Webio AI Bots dynamically continuing and moving each individual customer conversation forward and closer to a business outcome. This is just one of the many planned additions to the platform for 2019. 

You can the full list of of start-ups that made it to the coveted list here.






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