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Webio Brings Customer Engagement Automation to CCRi-Virtual Conference

Customer Engagement Automation is not just for Covid-19

Mark Oppermann, EVP of Sales and Marketing, Webio has been confirmed to speak CCRInteractive's virtual conference.

At this half-day conference, leading practitioners and analysts will consider what is the "new normal", and how the crisis has forced changes onto businesses and professionals, some of which have proven to be favourable.

Changes which have been on the agenda even for many years, have been put to the top as the industry has scrambled to react. In addition the speakers will look at the role of technology and consider how the industry is beginning to get back to work -- how the regulatory landscape is evolving and where companies are in their working practices; also where the industry is turning for help in these changing times.

Discussing how ' Customer Engagement Automation is not just for Covid-19, Webio's Mark Oppermann will review how automating customer conversations is really having an impact during our current situation.  And how many companies found themselves forced to add new channels of engagement and how automation helped business connect with and manage spike in customer queries about payment arrangements.

The CCR-i Virtual  takes place in online on Wednesday May 27th at 1pm.
It is a free event. For more details visit CCRInteractive Virtual

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