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Webio Expands Its Conversational Interface Platform with the Addition of AI Propensity-X Chatbots

Webio Expands Conversational Middleware Platform with Propensity-X Chatbots

Webio Expands Its Conversational Interface Platform with the Addition of AI  Propensity-X Chatbots

Truly artificial intelligence driven customer engagement is a reality for Webio contact centre and enterprise customers

Webio 'The Conversational Interface for Enterprise'™ company - announces the release of its latest platform feature - Propensity-X. chatbots. This new development is an artificial intelligence neural net designed to more effectively manage, prioritise, distribute and respond to inbound customer messages.

With Webio’s Propensity-X, contact centres and large enterprises now have the ability to manage millions of unstructured inbound messages, regardless of channel, and have full AI driven customer conversations.  Webio's Propensity-X chatbots ease the pressure on contact centre volumes by automating simple interactions whilst also improving customer engagement.   

As digital native customers move to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber, companies need to find a new way to deliver service to them. Better customer experiences are often just a feeling of a service being more convenient and easy to use. Combining the customer data embedded in these messenger channels with enterprise data systems is core to the ability to offer deeply personalised customer interaction in real time.

“AI and Mobile first companies like Uber and MyTaxi show us the way in which interacting with customers over messaging needs to evolve,” says Cormac O'Neill, Webio CEO.   “Webio is part of this new wave of conversational interfaces and Propensity-X chatbots are an early indication of what is possible with AI, where chatbots assist agents and delight customers."

The Webio Propensity-X bots use the customers propensity along with its understanding of “the conversation” to identify when and how to interact with each individual customer.  Assessing and applying individual scores for every customer conversation, Webio's Propensity-X  interprets the customer’s language, response behaviours and previous conversation history to determine how best to manage the interaction. This might be in the form of presenting the next best option to the customer using a combination of words, images, and options such as being serviced by a live agent.

"Propensity-X chatbots understand when it's best to re-insert a human into the conversation in order to deliver the best outcomes,” says O'Neill. “It’s rare that chatbots will be able to handle the entire conversation, in all contexts - that is why you need to understand exactly which agent to connect with”.

 “Webio is delivering on the promise of Artificial Intelligence in Chatbot and Messaging solutions with its mixed intelligence approach and neural net driven propensity bots" says O'Neill.“  Our engagement with some of the UK’s biggest companies is showing that they can be applied to any area of the business.  We have two new large retail clients using our ‘Propensity-to-Pay’ chatbots for collections to determine which customers are likely to pay versus those that are not, and how to effectively engage and manage these customers.  The results are very promising."

Webio is a significant player in the Conversational Interface industry and has raised one of Ireland’s largest seed rounds in 2016. In addition, the Webio team successfullly launched Dublin's first Conversational Interface Conference -ConverCon™.

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