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Best-of-Breed Collections, What It Looks Like, What You Can Learn for Immediate Results

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Duration: 45 mins

Webio work with some of the best collections teams in UK and have powered these companies to success culminating in winning two awards at Credit & Collections Technology Awards for:

  • Best Collections and Recoveries Solution
  • Best Customer Engagement Solution.

What is driving this success, what makes these teams different, and what can you start doing today to increase your collections performance?

The collections and customer engagement landscape has changed rapidly and this pace of change and shows no signs of slowing down.  How you approach collections and customer engagement needs to adapt in order to maintain current performance levels and give you the opportunity to make improvements.

The cost of collections has almost doubled over past 3 to 4 years with many collections organisations and teams making changes to address this challenge.  This webinar will look at how these teams operate today and what does success look like for them.

In this 45-minute webinar we will outline just what we did for our clients to win these awards and show you how to:

  • How you can improve your customer engagement and impact on collections performance
  • Quickly, deliver improved (early, mid and late stage) collections and customer communications at a lower cost that deliver a better customer experience and positive increases in collections and promises-to-pay.
  • How can you eable customers to make payments using their mobile
  • Offer a speedy way for live agents, when needed, to respond with compliant messages to drive conversations to a positive outcome.
  • Provide a scalable solution for income and expenditure that becomes part of the conversational process


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Webio, The Conversational Middleware Company™ brings true AI driven customer conversations to the enterprise. Webio 's channel agnostic conversational interface engagement platform uses the power of AI driven chatbots, machine learning and NLP to introduce a 'blended AI' approach to customer engagement that lets AI agents work alongside human agents to seamlessly engage with customers.



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