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Webio Adds New Skill with Stripe Payment Processing

Webio Adds New Skill with Stripe Payment Processing

Webio Adds New Skill with Stripe Payment Processing

Webio 'The Conversational Middleware Company ™ company announces the release of its latest platform skill --conversational customer payments with Stripe.

Conversational payments mean the Enterprise can take payments as part of any messaging conversation with customers. Now with this Stripe skill addition, Webio Chatbots can quickly and securely manage credit or debit card payments within the one conversation eliminating the need to bring in agents or online channels.

The value of providing chatbot driven payment options through conversational interfaces is that payments are fully automated and secure making it simple, safe and faster for the customer to complete.  One simple command and all background processes, including security are completed.

Commenting on this addition, Paul Sweeney EVP Product at Webio comments "When you have payment capability over conversational interfaces such as SMS or Facebook Messenger you have an improved customer experience with less friction. It is essential for many of the interactions that our retail, travel and hospitality and financial services clients are requesting.  We are seeing a lot of innovation in this part of the ecosystem with PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay all vying to help customers pay for services in easier and more convenient ways".

The ability to include payments into enterprise-to-customer messenger conversations is essential in delivering convenient interactions. The growth of channels such as WhatsApp and Messenger, the big two in UK market, are especially important. While it is already possible to do some of this though SMS, Facebook Messenger make it even easier with the addition of images, graphics and choices from a carousel. Furthermore 2018 will see the opening up of very popular WhatsApp platform for enterprise to consumer communications making this an even higher priority for most companies.

One example of this is Facebook Messenger, they have been particularly active of late announcing in November the availability of peer-to-peer payments through Facebook Messenger in the UK. "We are on the edge of a dramatic change in customer behaviours" says Sweeney, customers are now spending more time in Messengers than on social media, companies are waking up to the fact that they need to be able to provide full customer service through this channel, and that includes the ability to handle payments".

Facebook Messenger is rolling out of full payment functionality to countries outside the USA in 2018 and Webio anticipate that this will further remove friction from processes such as searching, booking and paying for a range of online services in retail, finance and hospitality in particular.


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