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Webio’s conversational middleware powers Avvio’s new AI driven hotel booking engine.

Webio’s Conversational Middleware Powers Avvio’s AI Driven Hotel Booking Engine

Webio and Avvio have joined forces to introduce the hotel industry's first hotel booking bot

Webio, The Conversational Middleware Company™ and Avvio, the cloud based eCommerce booking platform company, have announced the availability of their recently completed collaboration with the release of a new conversational hotel booking bot on the Avvio platform. The first of its kind, this integration of Webio's conversational middleware platform with Avvio's AI driven hotel booking technology, Allora, this new skill gives customers the ability to find, book and pay for  for hotel rooms over the popular Messenger app.

Customers can now receive highly personalised and automated guest experiences through the Webio hotel booking bot.  As well as being available 24 hours a day, the benefit of this technology is that the bot lets customers engage from their mobile phone wherever they are in the world through Messenger, without having to download another mobile app, or having to go back and visit the hotels web site. It is therefore a smart way to increase the hotel's direct bookings and while at the same time offering customers and guests a better customer experience.

The Webio platform conversationally enables a range of other messengers such as Viber, WhatsApp and even SMS. Integration with Allora enables all hotel customers' queries and questions to be accessed live and deliver this next step in customer service experiences.

"We are delighted to partner with Avvio on this project and with the success of our initial rollout with Fota Collection, we expect great things from this partnership, says Cormac O'Neill, Webio CEO.  "With the shift away from traditional 'search-and-click' to more personalised and conversational engagement via automated chatbots this market is only going to grow and we are excited to be part of the team that delivered it first."

The Fota Collection are rolling out this technology across its group in the coming weeks and Avvio and Webio are introducing this functionality to other major hotel groups in the near future.

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