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WhatsApp is 5 Times More Effective at Generating Inbound Customer Engagement

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Duration 30 minutes

The results are in!  WhatsApp Business is proving to be a great success in driving inbound customer engagement regardless of the industry you are in.  
Since its recent launch WhatsApp Business has seen exponential growth, with reported increased rates of 20% month-on-month (that’s over 700% annually!).  With an average of 40+ daily user messages being sent, that is close to 100 billion messages. WhatsApp Business is now firmly established as a key channel for customer engagement.  Customers love it, business are benefitting massively from it, and every business should be actively looking to add it to their channel mix. 
However, even with all the hype and excitement of WhatsApp, some businesses, in particular financial services companies, are of the opinion that WhatsApp is not a workable or suitable solution for them. This could not be further from the truth!  No matter what business you are in, WhatsApp can work for you.  
From soaring inbound customer contact volumes and more efficient agents, to better conversation and business outcomes, WhatsApp is proving to be the most effective inbound customer engagement channel with many businesses across all sectors reaping the rewards.
If you want to learn more about what the WhatsApp’s treasure trove has to offer and can deliver, then sign up to our 30- minute webinar.   
In this session we will be looking at how to:

  • Significantly increase inbound customer conversations using WhatsApp 

  • Maximise agent productivity by having fewer agents handle higher inbound volumes

  • Bring your APIs in to WhatsApp conversations and what benefits to expect

  • Get the most of this channel across your customer journey  


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