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What Technical Leaders in
Credit and Collections Need to know about Conversational Technology

Date: Tuesday, June 21st at 2pm 

Duration: 40mins

Following on from our ‘Predicting Conversation Outcomes with AI and Machine Learning’ session, we are now onto our fourth webinar in our Debt Collection Deep Dive Series.
We are shifting the focus to the technical side of debt collection technology, where it is today and what to expect in the near future.
Advances in debt collection technologies means that the fundamental ways of executing customer contact and collection strategies have fundamentally shifted over the past 24-36months.
Traditional is now digital, data is all about AI and machine learning, and interactions are now conversational.
If you are keen to get a better understanding of what conversational technology is, how it is impacting debt collection and what the future holds, then this session is for you.  Not full of jargon, we will take a practical approach to explaining how it works.
In this 40-minute webinar, we will look at:
  • What is conversational technology a
  • What channels are key to using it effectively
  • Where AI and Machine Learning fits in
Technology is transforming how the credit and collections industries work by expanding the capability to increase collections, reduce operational costs, improve agent performance and deliver a vastly superior customer experience.
Many companies are already on their technology journey and achieving better metrics, so why not take a few minutes out and let up show you how it works and see what is possible.

Join us on

  • Tuesday, June 21st at 2 pm 




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