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Spend No More than 35p on Collecting Customer Payments

Duration: 45mins

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The cost of collecting customer payments is a crucial focus for collections teams, with a concerted effort made to drive down the cost per £ collected and deliver a consistent customer experience. Technology has been playing a significant role in doing just that.

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One of the growing areas in digital debt collection is customer Self-Service, with integrating self-service into a debt collection strategy now regarded as the new standard.Customers want quick answers to queries, check a balance, arrange a payment plan, or make a prompt payment at any time.
Self-Service on its own isn’t going to deliver customers complete satisfaction; there will always be a percentage of customers that will get distracted, have questions, and want to engage or talk with the business.
Conversational Self-Service is the answer by keeping more customers in the self-service journey by allowing their queries and questions to be answered without leaving the Self-Service Studio. This is the perfect blend of Self-Service, automated Conversational AI messaging and live agents in some instances when required.
It is a compelling argument, and in this 45-minute session, we are going to take a closer look at how a self-service journey supported by automation and messaging and explain:
  • How to take customer payments for less than 35p 
  • Reduce the need for agent intervention in customer payments by over 90%  
  • Use techniques for engaging and supporting customers who need assistance 
  • Optimise the customer journey with intelligent chatbots and automation 
  • Capture promises to pay and build in ‘hands off’ follow-up campaigns 
  • Enable customers to manage their payment plans without lengthy agent interactions 

Watch this Webinar

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