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Oplo Interview on Supercharging Customer Collections with Automation & AI

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Duration: 50 mins

Oplo (formerly 1st Stop), a fast-growing consumer lender is leading the charge in collections with the introduction of conversational messaging technology that has transformed how they collect customer payments and engage with customers at each stage of the debt cycle. 

With the consumer shift to mobile and the explosion of messaging, their traditional channels like phone calls and emails were designed around having to speak to customers and this was in direct contrast to how customers wanted to interact with the company. 

In this session, we will talk with Richard Sharp, Managing Director - Consumer Division with Oplo about their experiences of adding conversational messaging, increasing customer engagement, improving collections processes, reducing operational costs and developing better relationships with their customers. 

Also looking at the crucial role that chatbots and automation played during the pandemic in removing agent stress, managing the huge spike of inbound calls, and payment holidays and requests. 

We will be looking at how Oplo:

  • transitioned to digital engagement using chatbots and automation

  • introduced conversational SMS chatbots for highly manual and transactional processes

  • focussed on blended chatbot and live agent conversations to improve customer experience

  • improved agent productivity and satisfaction

If you are interested in gaining a better understanding of just how automated technology, works and is impacting customer collections, this session is for you.  

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