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Maximise and Automate Customer Engagement Campaigns with 80% Less Effort

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All customer engagement campaigns will have multiple outcomes.  But managing each outcome in a specific way can be very time consuming, but necessary to ensure each customer is being handled in the most appropriate way for their circumstances, both from a compliance and customer outcome perspective.

Clearly, not every customer gets to the same point in a conversation. So, what you do next will drive either the success or failure of every campaign and heavily impact customer experience. 

Imagine having the ability to easily manage all your customer conversations regardless of where they are in the journey. Deploy one customer file and add powerful chatbots that can drill down to each individual conversation, look at what is happening and engage based on the next best action all with one-touch.  Well, no need to imagine.

In this 45-minute webinar, we will look take a closer look at developing ‘kick it out of the park’ campaigns based on powerful ‘next step’ automated chatbots.

We will review how to:

  • Manage campaigns with 80% less effort
  • Move from a ‘many touch’ campaign management style to ‘one-touch’
  • Increase customer engagement and drive positive conversation outcomes
  • Measure what is working and know when to tweak what isn’t.
  • Ensure campaign timing is not overlooked and conversations get started


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