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Self-Service is Letting You Down; Here’s Why

How WhatsApp and SMS Complement Each Other for Digital Debt Collection

In recent years, companies have embraced self-service solutions to replace the phone to manage debt conversations and FAQs. The biggest issue here is these companies are ultimately sacrificing customer intimacy for operational efficiency.

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This trade-off comes at a cost. The loss of customer intimacy directly impacts customer experience, the ability to handle and manage multi-layered complex issues and ultimately, conversation and business outcomes. 
Self-Service is excellent for doing a range of specific jobs. However, customers on a self-service journey will still have questions that need answering and may need to engage with an agent. Traditional standalone self-service doesn’t allow any back-and-forth engagement or an opportunity to deliver more personalised experiences. 
So, how can companies marry intimacy with efficiency to create a win-win scenario? The answer is Conversational AI. With conversational customer engagement- automation, real-time data, blended chatbots/agents, and AI - you can introduce the one-on-one intimacy of a phone call to a digital channe.
As stated in above, reducing operational costs does not have to come at a cost to the customer; it is possible to achieve both.

Here's a summary snippet of the webinar:


In this 35-minute session we will discuss how to:
  • Make Self-Service work better for you
  • Achieve the right trade-off between being efficient and delivering on customer needs
  • Unlock the self-service potential to deliver the same value as a phone call
  • Design a self-service journey underpinned by messaging to ensure customers complete the payment journey 
  • Increase collections by over 10% using 75% fewer agents

Watch the webinar on demand: Register here 


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