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How to Increase Agents' Daily Closed Conversations from 60 to 300+

Duration: 45mins

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Getting maximum efficiencies from agents has never been so important with most collections’ teams having limited resources and real difficulties recruiting and retaining agents.
The challenge for those managing debt collection is how to do more with the same debt collection agent resources, and shift the balance from agent labour intensive to smarter agent customer engagement.
Well, the good news is that Webio has been working with clients to automate customer conversations that hit straight to the heart of agent efficiency and deliver some amazing results.
So, in this 45-minute session, you will get a better understanding of what you can do to address the limited resources challenge.
We will be taking a look at a case study using live data from a collections company to show how they approached marrying automation and agents to:
  • Gain 300% + efficiency on agent productivity
  • Automate 75% of their collections conversations and keep agents and customers happy
  • Manage conversations evenly throughout the day
We will also show the following:
  • Stats on agents and dialler vs agents/ automation performance
  • Out-of-hours conversations and how automation successfully manages them
  • An automation journey and what going from 0% to 20%, 60% automation looks like
We know that 300% is a big number and one that you might look at and wonder, really?
And 75% automation may sound like way too much, but the figures and happy customers don’t lie.

We are looking forward to showing you how it all works and it is not as complicated as you may think.




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