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Digital Messaging vs Dialler – Know the Real Numbers!

Date:  Thursday June 3rd at 2.00pm
Duration: 35 minutes

Diallers are for many businesses a key part of customer engagement operations,  but there is a growing number where the dialler is playing less of a central role and for good reason.

Digital messaging is now the quickest growing channel for many businesses as it is delivering higher engagement rates with less agent resource needed for each completed conversation and offers the possibility of adding automation with very little effort.  It’s no real surprise that messaging is delivering amazing results.
Customers are so in tune with their mobile devices that they are more comfortable responding and engaging via a messaging channel like SMS and WhatsApp vs an actual phone call. If the goal is for the business to connect with customers and have meaningful conversations that result in positive outcomes, the dialler just can’t compete with messaging performance, it’s that simple.
From increased engagement rates, more efficient handling of customer conversations, to adding in some simple automation and AI will see messaging campaign performance will go through the roof. 
In this practical 25-minute webinar we are going to look at the key metrics for the Dialler and Digital Messaging and give you a complete understanding of why digital messaging is out-performing diallers. We will break down and analyse all the key numbers to ensure clarity around what’s possible, resource requirements and where automation could take it.  

We will discuss:

  • Conversational messaging what it is and where would it works best
  • Break-down and analyse dialler stats vs digital messaging
  • What messaging automation looks like and what’s possible for messaging
  • Where do agents get involved with digital conversations and how does this differ from dialler.
  • What companies achieved using digital messaging an overview of Webio clients and their metrics achieved. 

The dialler has been the holy grail of the contact centre space but that is certainly no longer the case and seeing what conversational messaging has to offer. 
It will be 35 minutes well spent.  We promise.  

Join Us On

Thursday 3rd June at 2:00pm

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