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AI & Automation: Blending AI & Agents to Take Your Collections to the Next Level

AI and Automation: Blending AI and Agents to Take Your Collections to the Next Level

AI and Automation: Blending AI and Agents and Take Your Collections to the Next Level

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Following on from the first webinar in our collections series -  The Secret to Getting Customers Engaging: Its All About Your Channels , we are moving onto AI and Automation and how effective this technology is managing and conducing the all-important payments conversations with customers, whether that is with a chatbot or an agent.

When managers hear chatbots and AI, especially when it relates to collections, there is a fear that this approach will never work when you are chasing a customer for a payment.  But the opposite is in fact the case. A blended approach is best when it comes to AI, letting the automation do the brunt of the heavy lifting and bringing in agents when needed.

collections organisations are already embracing AI and we can review their successes along with best-practise.  AI Automation can have a massive impact, but unlocking that promise for collections requires the perfect balance of automation and human assistance.

In this 40-minute webinar we will look at how to approach this technology and achieve some extraordinary results and:

  • How to remove the fear of introducing AI automation into a collections customer journey 
  • Outline the immediate and long-term benefits to the business and to customers
  • How AI chatbots and agents can seamlessly work and train each other side-by-side
  • Putting a 24/7 collections and payment process in place
  • Reduce costs and scale efficiently and achieve extraordinary results

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