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Top 4 Webinars from 2020 You Should Attend

As part of our webinar programme we have some great sessions. As we approach the end of the year, we are re-running a couple of our most popular. If you have an interest in using chatbots, automation and AI as part of your contact strategy to improve customer engagement then check our top 4 attended webinars.

In particular, the case study webinar with Snap Finance which was our best attended session. Lots of real life learnings and advice on what works and what doesn't.

Webinar #1:  
Transforming Customer Engagement in Collections 

Hear how UK financing company Snap Finance introduced chatbots and automation in their customer engagement strateg. Jonathan Booker, Head of Field Collections talks about why and how Snap Finance implemented conversational SMS messaging into their early stage collections processes - what worked and what didn't, and why messaging and chatbots working with their agents is now a permanent component of their digital strategy.

Webinar #2:  
The 1,2,3's of Customer Engagement Automation- Messaging, Bots & Agents

The ability to capitalise on all that customer engagement automation has to offer has never been more important . om better management of customer conversations, taking pressure off agents and the business, to ensuring that customers feel confident in the support and service the business can deliver. Learn all you need to know about getting started.

Webinar #3:  
Messaging vs The Dialler 
How conversational messaging outperforms the dialler by 3x

SMS is still a hugely popular channel for any business that believes in engaging with customers in their channel of choice. But messaging has gone through an evolution. From simple one-way SMS blasts, two-way SMS to now the addition of automated chatbots and AI. So why is Conversational SMS Messaging such an important tool to have in any debt collection toolkit? 

Webinar #4:  
How to Bring Automation into the Collections Process and What Successes to Expect

Conversational Customer Engagement is the Key to Innovation in Collections. This session will look at what automation looks like in a collection’s environment from the basics to more complex elements and simple customer outreach to managing responses through automation or an agent.

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