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Blockchain, Amazon Pay and AI's Impact on Payment Systems

Paul Sweeney | Chief Strategy Officer
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This is a Credit Shift News Update, where Paul Sweeney navigates the latest stories in the credit industry.

With co-host, Webio CEO Cormac O'Neill

Could the rising fees from Visa and MasterCard be the catalyst that propels blockchain into the mainstream?

Join Paul and Cormac to dissect this possibility and more while navigating the evolving landscape of the credit industry. We'll add our two cents on Visa's plan to utilise the Solana blockchain for USDC transactions and the implications this could spell for merchants and consumers alike.

Plus, we talk about how a wider range of payment options may be the secret to cutting down transaction costs and why your customers could do with a little help in picking the most efficient one.

As we dive into the world of Amazon Pay, we'll share our thoughts on Shopify's recent decision to welcome Amazon into their network and closely examine how this move is stirring up the payments industry.

We also look at the potential of AI to overhaul standard card payments infrastructure and opine on the growing need for consumer-first services. And, as self-service chatbots and voicebots gain prominence, we'll be unpacking the HR challenges that come with them, as well as the urgency for extensive training to handle increasingly complex queries.

Join us for this rollercoaster ride through the world of credit and payments.

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