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News on credit and collections industry in UK

Rising Costs, Generative AI, and the CEO Perspective

Paul Sweeney | Chief Strategy Officer
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This is a Credit Shift News Update, where Paul Sweeney navigates the latest stories in the credit industry.

With co-host, Webio CEO Cormac O'Neill

This week, we have our co-host, Webio CEO Cormac O’Neill, back with us to explore recent news stories, events, reports, and trends, and the highs and lows in the credit industry.

Listen in as Paul and Cormac unpack the impact of record-breaking wage growth in the UK, the surge in rental costs, and the worrying increase in tenants with only a month's worth of savings. They also analyse the repercussions of the year's energy cost surges and explore the UK government's initiative to ensure fee-free access to ATMs for all.

Additionally, they discuss the importance of data for utility companies and delve into the world of embedded finance.

Paul and Cormac explore the potential and risks of generative AI in organisations, drawing from research by McKinsey, and highlighting companies already reaping its benefits. They also discuss the potential of co-piloting offers and the advantages of niche companies investing in generative AI.

The episode concludes with an insightful CEO perspective on the credit business, the current state of the industry, and an exciting sneak peek into Credit Shift's next guest interview.

Tune in for this thought-provoking conversation that delves into the heart of the credit industry and its digital transformation.

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