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AI Ethics and Finance

Navigating the Data Revolution: Insights from Experian's Head of Data Innovation

Paul Sweeney | Chief Strategy Officer
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This podcast features Dan Blagojevich, Director of Decision Sciences at Optima Partners, and his co-host Paul Sweeney, co-founder and CSO at Webio, interviewing Marilena Karanika, Head of Data Innovation at Experian.

The discussion revolves around leveraging data for better decision-making, particularly in the financial services sector. Marilena emphasises the importance of using data intelligently, especially in light of the fallout from COVID-19 and the cost of living crisis.  

Key points from the podcast include:  

1. Machine Learning and AI in Decision Making: Marilena 's team at Experian has been focusing on large language models, fairness, transparency, and Consumer Duty in AI. They've formed an AI task force including diverse roles to explore these tools.   

2. Data Ethics and Security: The importance of balancing innovation with ethical considerations and data security is highlighted. There's emphasis on the responsible use of large datasets and consumer data.  

3. Consumer Data and Behaviour: Discussion about how consumer data helps understand and predict behaviour, especially in response to events like COVID-19 and economic changes.  

4. Challenges in Data Interpretation: The conversation touches on challenges like government interventions and societal changes affecting data interpretation.  

5. Role of Consumers in Data Ecosystem: The shift towards empowering consumers in decision-making about their data and financial products is discussed. This includes a focus on financial literacy and consent.  

6. Synthetic Data: Marilena talks about the role of synthetic data in research but sees limited application in areas like credit scoring.  

7. Future Trends in Financial Services: The discussion moves towards future challenges, like adapting to technological advancements in user experience and interfaces, and balancing marketing with ethical data use.  

8. Generative AI's Impact on Services: The podcast concludes with insights into how generative AI might change customer interaction paradigms in various industries, including finance and mental health.  

Throughout the podcast, the importance of understanding consumer behaviour, ethical data use, and the evolving role of AI and machine learning in financial decision-making is emphasised. 

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