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Image of Paul Sweeney from Webio and logo and date for the Dublin IP and R&D Summit

Webio's Paul Sweeney Talking at the Dublin IP and R&D Summit

In a global, cloud-based world, where a mobile phone is in everyone’s hand, and everybody is moving to Messaging apps and VoiceFirst interfaces, the pace of change can be challenging. Digital transformation and its related change management programmes can command all your mental attention.

Webio is no stranger to these challenges but as a start-up we have the benefit of being able to layer in organisational processes such as continuous development and deployment. In such a challenging environment it can be difficult to keep your eye on the Intellectual Property development development in the business. The process of developing IP Assets has to be conducted thoughtfully and, in a start-up has to be incredibly well focused. Webio has won a number of industry awards for its technology solution, and this has clearly caught the attention of customers, analysts and industry observers.

The Dublin IP & R&D Summit is on this July 11th at the National Convention Centre. Webio EVP of Product Paul Sweeney will be participating and speaking on the topic of how a start up can develop a workable IP Strategy and maybe also what larger companies can learn from a start up’s “Lean development” approach. Ireland is a leading location for companies to manage their IP Strategy so there are many experienced people speaking on the day. 



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