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Webio Conversational Technology Powers Innovation Award Finalist at CSA Awards

It is awards season again and we are delighted that our customer Oplo has reached the finals at this years CSA awards.

Held in conjunction with the UK Credit & Collections Conference on Sept 9th, Oplo is shortlisted in the Innovations category for adopting new and fresher approaches to engaging with customers, especially during the pandemic. A key component was the introduction of conversational messaging technology to managed inbound and outbound customer engagement.

Using the Webio platform, a conversational SMS messaging chatbot strategy was designed to handle massive spikes in inbound customer queries and to proactively reach out and guide anxious customers through a simple, efficient and timely engagement process.

Oplo has seen a 3-5X increase in customer engagement and has automated up to 70% of payment interactions using Webio chatbots. The Webio solution which is fully configurable allows non-technical staff to design and build each customer conversation flows to whatever level of complexity is needed to allow quick campaign set-ups and tweaks.

Commenting on the project, Richard Sharp MD-Consumer Division at Oplo commented that "Oplo are more efficient than we have ever been and can now spend valuable time giving the extra support to those customers who really need it."

Webio and conversational messaging are now key components of Oplo's customer contact strategy.


About the Conference and Awards

The 2021 UK Credit & Collections Conference will mark the launch of the new CSA Awards to celebrate the outstanding work and commitment of staff and teams within its member organisations.

The CSA Awards is an opportunity for CSA member companies to nominate individuals and teams/departments in recognition of outstanding levels of commitment and attainment of high standards during what has been a challenging 18 months.

At a time where both personal and professional lives have been transformed dramatically, the awards enable employers to celebrate the versatility, resilience and innovation of individual staff members, teams/departments or even nominate themselves as a company.

CSA CEO Chris Leslie says: “Winning an award is a way for your team and individuals to feel valued, especially since they are being judged as ‘best-in-class’ by their own Trade Association.

“We hope that a CSA Award can reflect staff and company success, help to highlight the value of efforts made especially in these challenging times, and be used to reward the professionalism of your team and organisation. As we emerge slowly from the pandemic, it is also an opportunity to recognise and celebrate some truly outstanding achievements.”




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